Wine made with passion


Welcome to our website. We would like to introduce our distinctive wines which embody our passion for nature, wine-making, and the region.

We take great care in our work, understand the special climatic and geological conditions of the area and know how to translate this knowledge into our work in the vineyard.

Since August 2018 our products have been produced according to the criteria of the EU for organic agriculture.
Our company is currently "converting to organic farming".
After a three-year transition phase, the 2021 harvest can be declared and marketed as organic for the first time.

“Making unique wines truly matters to us. The secret of our wines lies in the barren soil, the steep slopes, the old vines, a spectacular vine substance, and the winemaker’s skills – a blend that makes wines of certain vineyards stand out every year.”


Our wines are authentic and true to their nature yet developed with great precision. They are full of expression yet never overloaded and always a joy to drink.

Our wines impress expert tasters and buyers, journalists and restaurant owners, people who love exciting wines and those who simple want to enjoy a good sip.

Our winery was certified as a leading enterprise of the Weinviertel in 2012. It is sophisticated with a well-equipped cellar and elegant tasting rooms. Numerous distinctions and awards prove that we have chosen the right path to success.


You can smell and taste a wine’s origin if it was produced without any compromises. That’s why we focus on the essential and spare neither expenses nor efforts to make authentic wines.

Our vineyards

Our vines get all they need to thrive from the slopes of Bisamberg Hill. The earth in areas protected from frost warms up early and hot summers followed by mild autumn days produce mature grapes. Cool night temperatures ensure fine aromas.


We cheer about the following ratings:

Wine fair for importers and gastronomy customers.

Enjoy the flight over our vineyards and get more information about the soil and our working in the vineyards.