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The new wine is bottlet! Fresh and spicy 2017 Weinviertel DAC, this young unoaked wine has rich mineral backbone, white pepper and spicy characteristics rounded with flavors of green apple and citrus.


Fri, 23rd of February 2018:
Weinviertel-DAC-Party at Weingut Schwarzböck

Wed, 28th of February 2018:
Weinviertel-DAC-Presentation in Linz

Th, 1 st of March 2018:
Weinviertel-DAC-Tasting in Munich

Tue, 13th of March 2018:
Weinviertel-DAC-Presentation in Vienna (Hofburg)

Sun, 18th of March until Tue, 20th of March 2018:
Pro Wein Düsseldorf, hall 17 C08

Fri, 7th of April and Sat, 8th of April 2018:

Sat, 8th of April and Sun, 9th of April 2018:
Weintour Weinviertel

Tue, 10th of April 2018:
Weinviertel-DAC-Tasting in Götzis

Wed, 11th of April 2018:
Weinviertel-DAC-Tasting in Salzburg

Tue, 29th of May until Thu, 31th of May 2018:
Vinexpo Hongkong

Sat, 9th of June until Tue, 12th of June 2018:
VieVinum Wien


In 2017, SALON Austrian Wine, austrias toughest wine competition, celebrates its 30th anniversary.
Therefor we're especially pleased to be part of it again with our Weinviertel DAC Bisamberg-Kreuzenstein 2016.

But also international ratings, like those from the magazine Wine Enthusiast are gladly seen:

90 Points for Weinviertel DAC Bisamberg-Kreuzenstein 2016
89 Points for Zweigelt Bisamberg-Wien 2015
89 Points for Grüner Veltliner Vier Gärten 2016


Soon, our vines will start to blossom. Currently we very busy cleaning the vines and putting the shoots in the wire-frames.

Because we forgo the usage of herbicides, we dedicade on weed control in particular. In 2017, we invested in two new vine-cleaning-tools, a new tractor and increased our vineyard-team.


Six of our white wines made it into the top-league. Furthermore: one Grüner Veltliner was nominated for SALON-tasting.

GOLD with: Gelber Muskateller 2016, Weinviertel DAC Bisamberg-Kreuzenstein, Riesling Bisamberg-Kreuzenstein, Weinviertel DAC Reserve Ried Sätzen 2016, Weinviertel DAC Reserve Ried Aichleiten, Riesling Reserve Ried Aichleiten 2015

Hagenbrunn, 4th of may 2017


Tomorrow, Friday, 21st of april between 1am and 9am frost until -3°C has been predicted. The winemaker of Hagenbrunn will organize a burn-incense in the lower-situated wineyards (Brennleiten, Hofmauer, Brüchen, Sätzen) to prevent the grapevines from damage.

A fire made out of straw causes smoke, some kind of fog, that keeps the cold air-layer away. This smoking is allowed because of a provisional order of Lower Austrian Government. Police and fire brigade are informed. Local residents shall not air their flats during this time!