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Enjoy our grape juices and mixed grape juices as well as hand-stirred jams & wine jellies and our wine chocolates.


Our classy, ​​fine Grüner Veltliner mixed with sparkling water.

The Austrian summer drink in practical packaging. Maximum refreshment guaranteed!

in the 0.33 lt bottle | 12x0.33 lt. Packed

Naturally grape Juice with apricot

The sweet, fruity taste is a treat for young and old!

A delicious blend of white grape juice with 20% apricot. This natural product tastes fruity and is refreshing. A vitamin-rich, refreshing natural product of grapes from the Hagenbrunner vineyards.

Red grape juice with currant juice

The sweet, fruity taste is a treat for young and old!

Mixed with currant juice (20%).
Inspires all those who like it sweet and fruity.

Wine jellies, jams

We make our own jams right here at the winery and the ingredients come straight out of our vineyard garden.

Among our products, you will find old classic favorites such as Riesling with apricot as well as new creations like wine jelly from our Gemischer Satz with ginger.

  • Wine jellies made from Zweigelt, Riesling Beerenauslese, or Grüner Veltliner with chili peppers.
  • Plum jam with red wine, Riesling & Apricot, Apricot jam with ginger, …

handcrafted Chocolates

Made in cooperation with the first Austrian chocolate manufacturer.

In three different variations to please chocolate fans just as much wine lovers.

  • Zweigelt chocolate, dark chocolate with red wine filling
  • Grüner Veltliner chocolate, dark chocolate filled with Veltliner jelly
  • Riesling chocolate, milk chocolate with apricot pieces