at the harvest, red grapes



This makes the wine estate Schwarzböck one of the highest rated organic farms in the region.

The terroir-influenced Pinot Blanc Hohe Ried 2022 achieved the Grand Gold medal with 97 points. The light & flowery Gelber Muskateller 2022 scored 92 points and won a gold medal.

As early as 2022, the Schwarzböck wines were able to completely convince the Wine System tasting jury. Pinot Gris Reserve Ried Aichleiten and Grüner Veltliner Ried Satzen even achieved Grand Gold (highest rating of all Austrian white wines).



at the harvest, red grapes

Summery of the vintage 2022

In March 2023 |

The wine year was challenging in terms of viticulture. It was important to take the right measures against drought. We remember: After a dry spring and heavy rainfall around Pentecost, a six-week drought followed with days of tropical heat in the summer. Watering was done to keep the young plants healthy and to preserve the quality of the grapes. Through the optimal soil cultivation and leaf care and through repeated green harvest (reduction in yield) we achieve balanced wines with moderate alcohol.

Despite the focus on Grüner Veltliner, which is typical for the Weinviertel, the region around the Bisamberg is ideally suited for the cultivation of other varieties. This is particularly evident in hot, dry weather. In these years, Riesling or Muskateller vines produce particularly convincing wines. We are delighted with the first high rating: Gelber Muskateller 2022 was awarded GOLD at the international Organic Awards.

Our favorites of the new vintage are the finely aromatic mixed set Ried Aichleiten and Riesling Hagenbrunn.

at the harvest, red grapes

Substainable Austria

“Nachhaltig Austria” or “Sustainable Austria” was launched in 2014 and is evaluated according to three operational indicators: grape production, wine production and vineyard planting. Entries receive points according to a certain key. An examination is carried out every three years. The system creates a relative reference: the red area shows potential for improvement, the green area shows above-average sustainability.

The tool works with recommendations. The conversion of bottle glass to lightweight glass, for example, is seen as a big step, as is the generation of green electricity using photovoltaic systems. Since pesticides and insecticides are used, it cannot be said to be organic. Interesting detail: According to the self-assessment tool, 16% of farms use herbicides and 42% use insecticides. Interestingly, these farms are also above average in size.

We therefore welcome the further development of this certificate, which is important for Austrian viticulture and which also serves as a starting point for more sustainability for many smaller winegrowing companies!

We carried out the certification in 2022, on the one hand out of interest, on the other hand to enrich the seal with organic farms and thus also to contribute our opinion!

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